FREEdom DanceFest

Fri, Mar 17, 7:30pm
Fort Mason Center Cowell Theater
Deadline: First-come, first serve basis

Dance Repertory invites professional/college level dance companies to submit samples of their work for their 2017 festival. Works must be no longer than 8min. All production expenses paid: PR/media outreach, marketing, tech/lighting crew, no entrance fee, no dancer fees, complimentary tickets for all.

The goal is in the giving: To offset costs, a $15-$25 cash donation will be encouraged at the event.

Tentative schedule, subject to change:
2-6pm Low tech lighting rehearsals (15-20min/group; 3-5 cues max)
6pm Dinner/show prep/stage notes
7:30 FREEdom Showtime

Questions? Interested? Please contact Executive Director, Donnette Heath:, 415-225-0934

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