Fri-Sat, Dec 1-2 + 8-9, 8pm
Joe Goode Annex, SF
Cost: $0 – $10+

An embodied response to the current political, economic, and social shifts that have produced not only Trump and Brexit, Erdogan and Duterte, but also the bombing of a Sikh temple in Sinai and the mass shooting of a country music festival in Las Vegas. Hennessy’s performance features poetic texts, contemplative dances, dark satire, plaintive chanting, and an aerial dance.

Sink, verb: going under, to fall or drop gradually, to displace the volume by descending
Sink, idiom: everything but the kitchen sink

Sink’s approach to current politics waivers between punk and contemplative, transformative and fucked. It won’t be pretty most of the time. Hennessy is white, cis male, queer, immigrant and settler San Franciscan, anarchist, improviser, late 50s, broken, and pissed… all of which situate his dancing / imagination.


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