Historic Pier Opportunities for Partnership

The Port seeks ideas from future tenants of historic piers and structures on the San Francisco waterfront. The Port seeks partners with ideas and the capability to create inviting, public-serving destinations for piers in the Embarcadero Historic District. Since the Embarcadero Freeway came down after the 1989 earthquake, San Francisco’s waterfront has become an increasingly vital part of the city, providing jobs, entertainment, and relaxation to over 24 million visitors and locals a year. Many of the piers along the Embarcadero Historic District have been closed to the public for years. The Port of San Francisco requests creative ideas on how these historic piers can be accessible, resilient, and enjoyable. The Request for Interest (RFI) is the first step in developing requests for proposals to rehabilitate and preserve historic assets within the Embarcadero Historic District. Sign-up to receive the Historic Piers Request for Interest.


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