Cynthia Ling Lee & Melissa Lewis Audition

Sat, Sep 22, 11am-2pm
CounterPulse, SF

CounterPulse artist-in-residence Cynthia Ling Lee invites you to Performing Diaspora Playtime on Saturday, Sept 22 from 11 am-2 pm. Performing Diaspora Playtime will be a fun, non-hierarchical audition for her project Lost Chinatowns, as well as an open choreographic research session for her fellow artist-in-residence, Melissa Lewis for her project, I dreamed Bruce Lee was my father. These two separate pieces will premiere side by side at CounterPulse on Dec 6-8 and Dec 13-15.

Lost Chinatowns will be a multimedia dance-theater work exploring the destruction, lost vibrancy, and historical erasure of Santa Cruz’s Chinatowns from 1860-1955. Santa Cruz, now known for being the ultra-liberal “leftmost” city of the US, was once the center of virulently xenophobic anti-Chinese racism in California in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The work aims to make connections between the historical othering of Asian bodies in the US and current-day racialized xenophobia in the era of Trump.

For this work, Cynthia is imagining an intimate ensemble of four dancers/performers, including myself. She is interested in collaborating with intelligent and politicized artists who bring their full selves to a creative process, who enjoy contributing creatively, who take joy in working with rhythm, text, emotion, and humor. Paid position.

Dancers of color, particularly Asian/Pacific Islanders, are especially encouraged to come! Rehearsing regularly in October and November towards the December shows.

To confirm your attendance, please send an email to with your name and a quick hello!

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