Call for East Asian Female-Presenting Dancers

Sat, Dec 15, 11:15am-2:15pm
Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, Berkeley

Call for dancers who present as East Asian women (all gender identities welcome) for performance project researching the *whitening* of Asian Americans and how the East Asian female body is perceived in performance. Performers should have experience with contemporary release-based dance, improvisation, and use of voice onstage. Dancers with extensive training and performance in other dance styles who are interested in release-based/improvisation/voice are also encouraged to apply.

Paid rehearsals are 2-3 times/week on weekdays beginning Jan 2019. Performances are scheduled for Mar 22-23 at SAFEhouse Arts (SF) and mid-July at Joe Goode Annex as part of the SAFEhouse Arts RAW Resident Artist Workshop, with additional performances possible later in the year.

To register for workshop/audition, please email resume by Thu, Dec 13.


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