April 2014

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Welcome, April 2014
By Wayne Hazzard

Masks Off: Sara Shelton Mann Talks About Her New Set of Simultaneous Solos, The Eye of Horus
By Rob Taylor

Five Solos: Views of the Primal Body
Authors: Sara Yassky, Jesse Hewit, Christine Bonansea, Jorge De Hoyos, and Sherwood Chen

The Art of Storytelling: Kathak’s Evolving Connection to Religion
by Farah Yasmeen Shaikh

Teach to Inspire: Takami Craddock and Corrine Nagata on Teaching Kids
by Mary Carbonara

Making the Worst Dance Possible: Finding the Good in “Bad” Dances
by Jochelle Pereña

Move and Be Moved During Bay Area Dance Week
by Dancers’ Group Staff

Speak by Danica Sena, April 2014
by Danica Sena

Speak: Still With us by Debby Kajiyama, April 2014
by Debby Kajiyama

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