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January 31, 2017

California Dance Network and its partners announce the end of the online outreach program. There will be no more email newsletters, and the website and social media pages will be closed.

Since 2001, the California Dance Network has worked to connect dance artists across our state, by sharing resources, information, and news.

While connecting with fellow artists and organizations remains as important as ever, the reality is that there are now many alternate platforms to access information. When we started the network, “social media” didn’t yet exist!

California Dance Network partners will continue their vital work to serve dance artists in their regions and we encourage you to reach out and connect with the organization that can support your work, based on geography or the focus their work—maybe both!

Alliance for California Traditional Arts (Statewide)

California Dance Education Association (Statewide)

Dance Resource Center (Los Angeles and Vicinity)

Dancers’ Group (San Francisco Bay Area)

San Diego Dance Network

World Arts West (Bay Area)

We wish you the very best in movement!

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