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The fourth volume of Pitchbook will feature 10 dance projects premiered between Mar 2017  and Feb 2019. Pitching new work to potential producers and presenters is a great way to attract international partners and funding. Face-to-face pitching is a challenge for American choreographers since it requires travel and access to professional gatherings.

Pitchbook publicizes new projects without the necessity or expense of traveling. It is available through print and digital formats, and will be distributed by American Dance Abroad at international gatherings such as Aerowaves Spring Forward (Sofia, Bulgaria), Spotlight: USA (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) and internationale tanzmesse NRW (Düsseldorf, Germany), as well as to all of our American Dance Recon “alumni” programmers.


Liberal Education for Arts Professionals at St. Mary’s College

LEAP (Liberal Education for Arts Professionals) is looking for current and former professional dancers who are interested in earning their bachelor’s degree.

LEAP offers:
– A Bachelor of Arts degree in three to four years of part-time study.
– A comprehensive liberal arts education at a nationally recognized college.
– The tools for career advancement or career transition upon retirement from dance.
– A highly individualized curriculum.
– Class locations and schedules that are compatible with the performance and touring calendars of professional dancers.
– Significant college credit for professional dance experience as well as for prior learning in other subject areas.
– Resources, counseling, financial aid and moral support.

Questions? Please contact: or 925.631.4538

Marley Dance Floor for Rent

This year Amy Seiwert’s Imagery purchased their very own marley dance floor which they would like to make accessible for rental to The Bay Area Dance Community.
8 rolls of light grey Studio floor (4’11″x 49’2″) which is ideal for:
Barefoot Dance
The floor is designed for dance, studio and stage use and is specified for loose-lay. If you’re interested in renting it or want more information please contact

Dancers’ Group partner, Sustain Arts/Bay Area, is 6 Months Old!

We hope you’ve explored the platform’s FREE, online resources with data on Bay Area arts participation, funding, and audience demographics. If you haven’t, please check it out at

Currently, over 1,600 arts stakeholders use the Sustain Arts/Bay Area interactive web platform, which aggregates data from the Foundation Center, National Endowment for the Arts, the Cultural Data Project, Kickstarter, and 12 other cultural data sources to give you meaningful arts data, all in one place, in an easy-to-use format.

As the Sustain Arts team prepares to update and improve the Sustain Arts/Bay Area platform, they are seeking feedback from the Dancers’ Group Community. Are you using the Sustain Arts platform?  What role does data play in your work?

Please help them out by taking this BRIEF survey

Vital Resources to Consider to Support Dance Artists

The dance community has an amazing ally, The Actors Fund, and they have long supported the field in ways that help manage the demands of a life in dance.

Check out these services:

Career Transition for Dancers:
Enables dancers to define their career possibilities while developing the skills necessary to excel in a variety of disciplines in order to thrive during all phases of their careers.

Emergency Financial Assistance & Scholarships:
Geared toward professional dancers dealing with significant injury, The Actors Fund helps by mitigating the isolation many dancers experience during recovery by providing emotional support and sharing resources.

Additional Opportunities with The Actors Fund include:
Career planning & transition
Health, wellness, and support for injured dancers
Emergency financial assistance & scholarships
Employment assistance
Health insurance enrollment
Housing assistance

Isadora Duncan Archive

The Isadora Duncan Archive is a digital resource which brings the legacy of pioneering modern dance icon Isadora Duncan to a 21st century dance community. It features rare historical and scholarly reference materials; art, photography and archival collections; repertory lists with music and videos of choreography.

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