July/August 2009

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Uplift Quotient: Flyaway Builds a Bridge
By Selby Wynn Schwartz

FLY-LINES: A Brief History of Aerial Dance
By Selby Wynn Schwartz

Hit and Run Hula: Nä Lei Hulu dancers set to shake up San Francisco
By Jenny Des Jarlais

More than grass skirts…
By Jenny Des Jarlais

Proust Questionnaire
By Patrick Makuakäne

SPEAK: Pluto in Capricorn
By Anne Bluethenthal

Getting it Out There: Smart Mobs, Improv Everywhere and Engaging Dance Audiences
By Kegan Marling

Toward and Away: Strengthening Family Bonds Through Creative Dance
By Veleda Roehl

SF Conservatory’s New SoMa Studios: An Expanded Vision for Ballet Education
By Michael Wade Simpson

The Soundscape of Market Street: San Francisco’s Street Tappers
By Shae Colett

Keeping On Keeping On
By Margaret Jenkins

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