July/August 2013

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By Wayne Hazzard

How to Move to Berlin: a Dancer’s Survival Guide or 12-step Program or a Gentrification Manual Or… Can Moving Be Called Contemporary Dance?
by Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos

Delicate Acts of Artistic Courage: Performing Diaspora returns to CounterPULSE
By Rob Taylor

Dana Reitz: The Silent Innovator Comes to the Bay Area
by Mary Carbonara

SPEAK By Samantha Giron
By Samantha Giron

Collaboration as Beautiful Mystery: A Glimpse into Kim Epifano’s Botany’s Breath
by Heather Desaulniers

Building and Rebuilding: Ernesto Sopprani & Kathleen Hermesdorf Discuss the New Arts Building Consortium
By Rob Taylor

Diving Deeper Into Flamenco
by Holly Shaw

Expect the Unexpected: Subverting the Ballet Paradigm with Amy Seiwert and SKETCH 3
by Claudia Bauer

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