November 2008

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Vision, Strength and Stamina: AXIS and Lily Cai celebrate 20 years
By Julia Hollas

A Place to Explore: Mama Calizo
By Jessica Fudim

Bringing Dance to Teens: an Inquiry
By Alisa Rasera, Luna Kids Dance

From the Inside: An Interview with Keith Hennessey on “Delinquent”
By Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos

Up, Up and Away: LEVYdance plans their home season in an alley
By Michael Wade Simpson

LINES Ballet: Homegrown Company Takes Flight
By Wendy Rein

Raising Money from Special Events
By Nancy Quinn

An American in Düsseldorf: Shifts in Perspective: Experience at a European Dance Festival
By Benjamin Levy

SPEAK By Jenny McAllister
By Jenny McAllister

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