November 2014

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Welcome, November 2014
by Wayne Hazzard

The MAGO Project
by Nirmala Nataraj

MIZMAR, GHAWAZI AND SWORDS – OH MY! Celebrating Community Through Dance
by Abby Stein

Critical Dialogues: Heather Desaulniers and Christy Funsch
Series Editor, Rachel Howard

MAP-MAKER: Katy Warner and the LINES Dance Center Celebrate 25 years of Dance Education
by Molly Rogers

Defining Creativity and Technique
by Patricia Reedy

Top 10 RECOMMENDATIONS for the San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2014
by Tiit Helimets

Modern Mixology: Cocktails and Contemporary Dance Mingle in 8x8x8
by Claudia Bauer

NEW VIEW: Karl Cronin
by Karl Cronin

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