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Jan/Feb 2016 double issue: Tue, Dec 1, 2015
Mar 2016: Mon, Feb 1
Apr 2016: Tue, Mar 1
May Summer Guide issue 2015 – Workshop listings deadline**: Mon, Mar 7
May Summer Guide issue 2016- Calendar listings, ads, and photos – deadline:
Mon, Mar 21
Jun 2016: Mon, May 2
Jul/Aug 2016 double issue: Wed, Jun 1
Sep 2016: Mon, Aug 1
Oct 2016: Mon, Sep 1
Nov 2016: Mon, Oct 3
Dec 2016: Tue, Nov 1

Our annual May issue of In Dance is distributed nationally. Highlighting the richness of the Bay Area dance community, it includes the Summer Workshop Guide – a full list of Bay Area workshops held between May through August- and a comprehensive performance calendar.

Submit your Images
Please send photos in digital format by the same deadline as calendar listings. Send no more than 2 photos per company or choreographer.

Image Guidelines
Please send no more than 2 photos for your event.
Resolution: 300 dpi or higher
Size: At least 4 inches by 6 inches
Format: Highest quality .JPG or .TIFF
Name: Please include the company name and photographer credit in the title of each file.

**May Workshop Listings Due Mar 7, 2016
Workshop listings should include: Company, title of workshop, dates, times, a one to two sentence description of the workshop, phone number, email and website, if available. Photos are strongly encouraged. Click here to fill out the workshop form.

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