Bay Area Jewish Artist Retreat

Contributed By:  Asylum Arts

Asylum Arts presents their first Bay Area Jewish Artist Retreat. During this intensive four-day program, emerging Jewish artists of all disciplines from throughout the Bay Area will learn from local arts professionals, community leaders, Jewish educators, and from one another.

The Bay Area Jewish Artist Retreat aims to empower artists to explore collaboration and innovative ways to build an integrated local artist community and we will facilitate a nuanced conversation about local Jewish culture and identity, appreciating the importance of the complex multiple identities and groups that co-exist. We hope to foster an artist community founded on reciprocity, collaboration and inclusivity to build the Jewish cultural landscape in the Bay Area.

Applications are due on July 11. To apply or to read more about the retreat, go to

Dates:  November 11 - 14, 2019
Location:  Ralston White Retreat
Location Address:  

2 El Capitan Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941

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