Contributed By:  Driven Arts Collective

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Introducing wearable touch instruments requiring human bioelectricity to complete their circuits, and utilizing motion sensor technology to translate the dancers’ movement into sound <> gives voice to the blossoming “Seers” all around us: They know where we are moving, and how fast, and in what direction. They know what we want before we do, because they remember what we have wanted before. They move with us. They use our bodies to sing. They constrict our daily gestures to the minuscule tapping of an opposable thumb. Do we resist them? Even when they connect us to one another?

Tickets: $25-55, Discount: $5 off with code

Dates:  August 24 and 25
Time:  8 pm Saturday, 5 pm Sunday
Location:  ODC B Way Theater
Location Address:  

3153 17th St
San Francisco, CA

Contact Information:  


Cost:  25-55
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