Kizomba & Rhythm – Class / Social

Contributed By:  The Brothers Kizomba

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Kizomba & Rhythm

What we teach: Kizomba, derived from the traditional dances Semba (Angola) and Pasada (Cape Verde) among others, is a sensual partner dance coupled with music from Angola, Cape Verde and the Caribbean primarily sung in Portuguese or French Creole.

Why we teach: Our chief goal is for dancers, especially Kizomba dancers, new or improver, to learn to experience a different dance each time, especially when dancing with the same partner to the identical song.

Our philosophy:
Like most dancers, dance is leisure so:
– Have fun
– Make the dance your own
– Listen to your dance music over and over until you are very familiar
– Dance with EVERYONE in the dance community
– Turn your mistakes into possibly your signature move
– There is one leader, the music, and two followers:
– First follower follows the music
– Second follower follows first follower and the music
– Rhythm is key to a successful dance

Instructors Christopher & David Epperson hold a Masters in Education.

Dates:  Tue, Dec 3
Time:  7 PM - 10 PM
Location:  La Peña Cultural Center
Location Address:  

3105 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705

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Cost:  $15
DG Member Discount:  $10 ($5 off regular price)