We Dance Because

Contributed By:  afrikawedance

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This African dance theatrical performance piece tells the story of a talented woman of color who has fallen victim to physical abuse, drugs, and deceit. Then African dance became her source of healing, strength, and empowerment.

“We Dance Because” introduces three young girls who dreamed of being dancers. As they grew older, one of them fell in love with her junior high school sweetheart. She got pregnant, experienced physical abuse and cheating, and stopped dancing. Later in life, she attended a performance of her two dancer friends, who welcomed her back into the group with open arms.

As she re-ignites her passion for dance, she begins to heal from past traumas, begins to regain her self-esteem, and inspires the father of her child to take his own transformational path to heal.

We Dance Because” is a colorful and uplifting performance piece I’ve created utilizing spoken word, singing, African dance and drum to convey restored hope.

Dates:  March 21, 2020
Time:  7:30-9:30pm
Location:  Ashkenaz Music & Dance Commuinity Center
Location Address:  

Ashkenaz Music & Dance 1317 San Pablo Berkeley ca

Contact Information:  

tamkikadance@yahoo.com 510 326-9579

Cost:  $20
DG Member Discount:  $17