Limón-Based Contemporary Technique Master Class with Gabriel Mata

Contributed By:  Alonzo King LINES Dance Center

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Class is designed with a contemporary modern perspective and influenced by Limón technique. It begins with focusing on the self, breath, and connectivity. Internal and personal awareness will be connected into outward embodiment. The body will warm-up with the use of articulation, weight, and release/engagement. As the physicality increases so will the use of space. Dynamic practices of gesture, floor work, and center work will be engaged in relationship to musicality and rhythms.

Spatial awareness will be challenged as well as recognizing the presence of others in the space and in the dance. Movement will develop from simple forms into complex and elaborate structures. As various dynamic sequences are embodied, the elements of breath, awareness, and connectivity are the main principles guiding the class. The space is designed to allow you to challenge yourself and work/problem solve in your own body.

Dates:  Saturday, November 16, 2019
Time:  1-3pm
Location:  Alonzo King LINES Dance Center
Location Address:  

26 7th Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

Contact Information:  

Dance Center Coordinator
415-863-3040, x221

Cost:  $25
DG Member Discount:  $20
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