Call for volunteers

Contributed By:  Byb Bibene/Kiandanda Dance Theater

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Program Description:
Mbongui Square Festival is a community project that promotes ethnic diversity and encourages the intersectionality of art forms. The festival creates a bridge between local, national and international artists to enrich the local experience and reinforce the vision of a society that coalesces through the art of dance, music, spoken word poetry, and visual arts.

Responsibilities and Duties
• Commitment: attendance of 1 planning meeting within 10 days leading up to event.
• Floaters: Assist performing artists in preparations during event
• Set-up/clean up dressing room area for performing artists
• Assist with at least one of the following in its entirety: set-up or clean-up of the festival
• Assist director and staff members where needed
• Assist at the box office
• Assist at the vending tables (food, drinks, product sales)

PS: Compensation and more details to be discussed at first meeting.

Dates:  December 15-22
Time:  7pm
Location:  • Temescal Arts Center (Oakland) • The Flight Deck (Oakland) • Shawl Anderson Dance Center (Berkeley)
Contact Information:  

Email:, 415-6069064.