Discounted Training Program at SADC

Contributed By:  Shawl-Anderson Dance Center

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In an effort to support more dancers of all levels and ages and offer access to dance classes and training, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center is launching the new Discounted Training Program. Adults ages 18 and up whose total household income is $45,000 or less for the calendar year 2019 are welcome to apply to receive $12 drop-in classes (a $6 discount.) The program serves all interested students including: working artists, college students, senior adults, public school teachers, teaching artists, and more.

Applications are due Sunday, January 26th for the first round running February 3rd-June 30, 2020.
A new round will be offered for July 1 – December 31, 2020.

Visit our website for more information and to apply. If computer access is a barrier, please call the Center and a staff member will assist you in completing the form.

Dates:  January 26, 2020
Location Address:  

2704 Alcatraz Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705

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