Benefit Party for House of Names Performance

Contributed By:  Marika Brussel and Amy Foley/Bellwether Dance

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House of Names Benefit
Join us for an evening of champagne, delicious bites, and new dance. Marika Brussel and Amy Foley invite you to help build their House of Names performances. Our February 12 event, hosted by 111 Minna, brings our community together to learn about and celebrate the creation of an evening-length performance about women, myth, and power.

Marika Brussel is a San Francisco-based contemporary ballet choreographer. She tells contemporary stories through ballet, showing our inter-connectedness and equity as humans, from country to country, class to class, and generation to generation.
Amy Foley is the director of Bellwether Dance Project. Bellwether Dance Project delves into the myriad ways in which individuals make meaning by exploring human experiences and how we translate the events of our inner and our outer lives. House of Names is an evening-length performance with work by these two choreographers, premiering April 17-19 at ODC Theater in San Francisco

Dates:  Wed, Feb 12
Time:  6pm-9pm
Location:  111 Minna Gallery
Location Address:  

111 Minna Street
San Francisco

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Cost:  $20 ($10 for Dancers' Group Members)
DG Member Discount:  50%
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