Cunamacué: Call for Dancers

Contributed By:  Cunamacué

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Cunamacué is looking for dancers to join the company for performances in 2020.

Cunamacué was founded in Oakland, California in 2010 by Carmen Román, with the purpose of bringing visibility to the presence and cultural knowledge of the African descent population in Peru. Our dances are deeply rooted in Afro-Peruvian movement vocabulary and are influenced by other dances of the African Diaspora and modern dance. Our work incorporates ancestral healing practices. We perform both in conventional and public spaces, having performed both locally and toured in Peru. Our creative process is a combination of learning set phrases and creating collectively based on a traditional Afro-Peruvian dance form we’ve studied.

Strong background in modern, contemporary and/or dances of the African Diaspora. Familiarity with Afro-Peruvian dance is a plus but not necessary.

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Dates:  Sunday March 1, 2020
Time:  2 - 4pm
Location:  Shawl Anderson Dance Center
Location Address:  

2704 Alcatraz Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

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Cost:  Free