Fullstop Dance Workshops with Nicole von Arx

Contributed By:  Fullstop Dance

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February 19th @ Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, Berkeley

February 21st @ CityDance Studios, SF

February 21st @ LEVYdance, SF

**limited space, email fullstopdance@gmail.com to reserve your spot

Nicole von Arx offers a dynamic contemporary class that incorporates elements of floor work, yoga, improvisation, and her latest choreography research. She encourages you to embrace physical and emotional effort, and explore the extent of your body and mind’s capacity. Her warm-up is a series of challenging exercises focusing on isolating, strengthening, aligning and balancing the body. This will lead to a group improvisation emphasizing sensation, timing and space. The class culminates in a long and complex phrase work allowing dancers to discover Nicole’s movement vocabulary and musicality. Nicole’s class and work are influenced by the choreographers she has worked with, such as Jasmin Vardimon, Bryan Arias and Loni Landon.

Dates:  Friday, February 21st
Time:  5-6:45pm
Location:  LEVYstudio
Location Address:  

19 Heron St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Contact Information:  

Email fullstopdance@gmail.com

Website:  fullstopdance.com
Cost:  18
DG Member Discount:  15