Theatrical Storytelling Workshops w/ Cat Call Choir

Contributed By:  Cat Call Choir

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storytelling is self expression

Sure, great storytellers are entertaining, but being a good storyteller is first and foremost about self expression. Words, sounds, facial expressions, gestures and even silence help us share our stories, connect with others and be seen. Cat Call Choir uses these elements to tell stories about gender based violence – what better way to combat GBV than through the unique fabric of art making and community performance?

In this storytelling workshop series you can expect to participate at will – even if that means just observing – and be supported in building new skills for self expression and performance including but not limited to: vocalizing, circle singing, polyrhythms – a fancy way of saying “layering more than one rhythm on top of others” and facilitated movement explorations.

These FREE workshops are made possible in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, The Women’s Building and Shawl-Anderson Dance Center.

Dates:  February 29th, 2020
Time:  1:30-5pm
Location:  The Women's Building San Francisco
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3543 18th St #8 San Francisco, CA 94110

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