Mbongui Square Festival: Call for Applications

Contributed By:  Byb Chanel Bibene/Kiandanda Dance Theater

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Kiandanda Dance invites dance, music, spoken word and visual art artists to submit their existing work to be considered for the 2020 Mbongui Square Festival in December 2020.

Mbongui Square Festival is an annual festival that celebrates the performing and visual arts. Organized by Kiandanda Dance Theater, the festival gathers dance, music, visual arts and spoken word artists of varied styles and artistic choices.
Participating in this festival provides artists with performance opportunity, publicity, generous tech support, a videographer and photographer to document your performances, as well as professional connections, and hospitality in the spirit of the Mbongui (community).

Please send application fee via PAYPAL at mbonguisf@gmail.com.

Deadline & Costs
Total Application Fee: $75

June 5: $15 (discount) application fee (non-refundable)

July 10: $25 application fee (non-refundable)

**Remaining Balance of $50 due upon acceptance on August 10th.

Dates:  December 13-20
Time:  7pm
Location:  Multiple locations TBD
Contact Information: