Podcast: Amplify! Artist Conversations: Andréa Spearman | “Justice/JUSTus”

Contributed By:  A. Spearman & Co.

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Bay Area Women’s Theatre Festival AMPLIFY! Artist Conversations!
Our eighth interview features the fabulous Andréa Spearman (artist) in conversation with Tina D’Elia (artist and #baWTF Instigator) about Andréa’s journey with her dance company A. Spearman & Co., her piece “Justice/JUSTus,” and what keeps her inspired.

Listen on SoundCloud or YouTube (with closed captions)

With theaters closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our in-person Amplify! 24-hour performance event, originally scheduled at Brava Theater Center #BravaTheater for April 18th & 19th, with 70+ performances by over 200 artists, is on hold, but we refuse to allow the need for social distancing to keep us from amplifying our amazing women, non-binary, and trans artists’ work.

Please stay tuned for the rescheduling of the baWTF Amplify 24-hour performance event, by visiting our website at: www.bayareawomenstheatrefestival.com.

About the AMPLIFY! Artist Conversations! series:
Tune in with us to learn more about the artists that are baWTF Amplify performers, playwrights, teachers and Instigators, as we make space to share inspiration, creative guidance, while building community beyond our current physical reach.

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