AGILE BEAST: Finesse Your Beast Mode

Contributed By:  Sebastian Grubb

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Finesse Your Beast Mode with Sebastian Grubb! Perfect for dancers and movers who want to build strength in a way that supports their dancing and respects their injuries.

AGILE BEAST features biomechanics instruction and a unique full-body workout that integrates technical information with dynamic movement training. Join Sebastian for a 6-part deep dive into fitness training for the modern beast! Each session is 75 minutes of recorded workshop from a live series this past May-June.

– Myofascial Functional Lines: Twisting, Diagonal Arcs
– Foot & Ankle Anatomy: Walk the Earth
– Hand & Wrist Anatomy: Grip, Crawl, Climb
– Spiral Dynamics: Spring-Loaded
– Trochanters: Body as Wheels
– Tensegral Web: Intersecting Myofascial Lines

Dates:  June 29 -July 31
Location:  online
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Cost:  $60
DG Member Discount:  $50
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