FREE TO MOVE: Expressive Movement for Full Heath and Resilience

Contributed By:  Greacian Goeke/Impromptu No Tutu

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Motion is medicine and nourishment for life in these constricted times. Come move in community and return to a fuller sense of yourself by joining the vibrant creative movers of Impromptu No Tutu (based at Albany Senior Center and featured on KDFC’s Neighborhood Spotlight), in a class led by founder Greacian Goeke. “Our passion is to inspire the joy of movement in all ages and abilities.”

Guided by the creative processes of Orff Schulwerk, this class will free you up on all levels–to play, interact and explore the expressive language of movement, sharpening physical and mental agility and warming your creative juices. We begin with simple elements of the Brain Dance* and T’ai Chi, then respond to diverse genres of music, voice or silence, as well as inspirations from art, nature and our lives. Chairs and other imaginative props are used to expand range of motion and balance.

The class experience is collaborative, liberating and uplifting. This is a movement class like no other!

Dates:  Mondays, weekly
Time:  10:15 am - 11:30 am
Location:  On Zoom
Location Address:  

Link sent to registered participants; contact via email

Contact Information:, text to 415 318 9987

Cost:  $15 /class, drop-in, NOTALF
DG Member Discount:  $10/class, drop-in