Impromptu No Tutu: Brave and Surviving through Movement in Community

Contributed By:  Greacian Goeke/Impromptu No Tutu

Join the resilient community of creative movers in Impromptu No Tutu and expand your sense of yourself and delight in the world!

Formerly at Albany Senior Center since 2008 and featured on KDFC’s Neighborhood Spotlight, the No Tutu core group has continued to meet uninterrupted during the pandemic–now outdoors in a spacious garden. Weekly sessions are led by founder Greacian Goeke whose passion is to inspire the joy of movement in all ages and abilities. “Motion is medicine and nourishment for life, as much as rain or sunlight.”

Guided by the creative approach of Orff Schulwerk, the class will free you to play, interact and explore movement as a focused expression of natural processes. We begin with simple elements of the Brain Dance and T’ai Chi, then respond to voice or silence, poetry, body percussion and the sensory richness of the garden. The vocabularies of Laban and Dalcroze help develop movement literacy and ease.

The class experience is collaborative, liberating and uplifting. It is designed to follow the seasons and reflect the lives of the participants.

All abilities welcome; seating available.

Dates:  Fridays
Time:  10:15-11:30am
Location:  Blake Garden
Location Address:  

70 Rincon Road, Kensington, CA 94707

Contact Information:, text to 415 318 9987

Cost:  $15 /class, drop-in, NOTALF
DG Member Discount:  $10/class, drop-in