Duniya Dance and Drum Company: Ongoing Classes

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Saturdays – 11am-12:30pm – Adult West African Dance w/ Alhassane Da Camara
Location: Garfield Park (Harrison and 26th Streets)

Saturdays – 1-2:30pm – Adult West African Drumming w/ Bongo Dounoun
Location: Directly outside of the gates of Potrero del Sol Park on San Bruno Ave.

Class Descriptions:
West African Dance Class:
This class focuses on rhythms and dances from Guinea, West Africa. Students will learn basic technique as well as the cultural contexts of the dances they learn. The class is open to all levels, and is especially good for those who are new to or have little experience with Guinean dance.
BRING: Shoes to dance in, water, sunscreen and hat, cash to tip drummers.

West African Drum Class:
Bongo teaches traditional rhythms from Guinea, West Africa. Students will learn different accompanying parts for the djembe as well as solo technique. Students interested in playing dunduns (the foundational drums for the rhythm, played with sticks) will have a chance to learn kenkeni, sanban, and dundunba parts for the rhythms introduced in class.
BRING: Your drum (a conga drum or bucket will do in a pinch) and a chair. If you want to borrow a drum for class, email Bongo at bongodounoun@gmail.com and bring $5 cash (a schlepping fee).

Be sure to also bring your mask! Masks are required to be worn over nose and mouth during the entire class if you want to attend.

Dates:  Saturdays
Time:  11am-2:30pm PST
Contact Information:  


Cost:  $20