Center for Cultural Innovation: Designing Your Artist Website

Contributed By:  Center for Cultural Innovation

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led by Ana María Agüero Jahannes, Vibe Is Bright

Learn how to design your own artist website in this 2-part workshop that gets you the opportunities you want, whether that’s to secure grant funding, get your best work in front of the right people, or increase requests for projects. As artists we often turn designing our website into another creative project, but the process can actually be straightforward and you can check “make website” off your to-do list. And that doesn’t mean your site has to lack your personality or brand identity. This workshop is for any artist who wants to design or redesign their own website, is new to Squarespace or needs help getting focused and organized.

Participants are expected to attend both sessions and complete a homework assignment in between.

Dates:  Tue-Wed, Apr 13-14
Time:  5-7pm PST
Location:  Zoom
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Cost:  Sliding Scale $30-50