Luna Dance Institute: Engaging Families & Family Dance

Contributed By:  Luna Dance Institute

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These days dance educators may find themselves teaching their students, plus siblings, parents, and even pets during online classes.

How can we make the most of these new teaching platforms to engage families in dance learning? What do we do when only kids show up to our family dance class? What new ideas can we experiment with to allow for connection, trust, and relationship-strengthening? How can we include unexpected family members of all ages – on the fly? How can we balance structure and free dance while we teach online?

Join family dance educators Julie Lebel, Isabelle Rousseau & Rossana Alves as they ask these questions and more in this peer-to-peer conversation. Bring your questions too!

Dates:  Tue, Apr 13
Time:  4-5:30pm Pacific
Location:  via Zoom
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