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Work in a COVID Safe Household in Berkeley!

Hi there! I’ve been working in the performing arts for 15+ years, am a wheelchair rider, and am hiring for a personal care attendant for a weekday morning / day position, schedule specifics discussed upon inquiry. The work is physically active, and primarily consists of assisting me with physical care associated with my disability. Given the personal nature of the work, it requires a body positive attitude. The work environment is friendly to women and non-binary folks. Applicants must be comfortable movers.
The position is approximately 35 hours/week.
While no experience in this particular kind of work is needed, strong candidates must have a demonstrated history of good judgment and workplace responsibility. Candidates with prior positions requiring movement, multi-tasking, clear communication, detail orientation and time management skills are preferred.
If you’d like to hear more about the position, please read my post on craigslist