Daddy Matters: Movement-Based Storytelling Series. STORY. MUSIC. MOVEMENT.

Contributed By:  Jhia + Richard Jackson with Joe Goode Performance Group

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This class series is a supported exploration of 3 different choreographic elements of dance: STORY (Jun 29), MUSIC (Jul 27), MOVEMENT (Aug 17).

It is informed by Daddy Matters, a work created by Richard + Jhia Jackson—with supporting artists Damara + Patricia of Joe Goode Performance Group. This series is open to all who want to move or be moved, & can be taken independently or with family, friends, or colleagues.

Participants will engage in an in-depth exploration of the elements of story, music, + movement to expand and deepen their presence with themselves, their class partner, and others. Throughout the series, the creative prompts will allow for everyone to share and move at their own comfort level, encouraging an ongoing exploration of our ability to make intentional, respected choices.

Classes can be taken as a single drop-in or as a progressive series: each class will build on the previous and each element can also be explored independently.

Dates:  Tuesdays, June 29 + July 27 + August 17
Time:  4-6pm PT
Location:  JGPG Zoom
Contact Information: