BANDALOOP: Summer Intensive

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This four day intensive will focus on BANDALOOPing technique in the studio and outside on the Breuner Building, formerly the Great Wall of Oakland.

Drawing on decades of experience, we will gain loft with rope and harness. Fundamentals of safety, gear training, sound body mechanics, harness dance, partnering and recuperative techniques mix into full-bodied, multi-directional dancing. We will also touch on aerial composition and performance by explore site-reactive composition tools and the theatrical possibilities of vertical space. Students will be supported and inspired to make dances, learn repertory, collaborate and co-inspire as a group. All gear will be supplied.

Dates:  Mon-Thu, Aug 23-26
Time:  10am-12:30pm
Location:  BANDALOOP STUDIO / Breuner Building
Location Address:  

BANDALOOP Studio: 1601 18th St, Oakland, CA 94607
Breuner Building: 2221 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

Contact Information:

Cost:  800
DG Member Discount:  10% off
Code:  DG 2021