Intersection’s Executive Director Randy Rollison to depart at the end of October

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It is with immense gratitude that Intersection announces that Randy Rollison, Intersection for the Arts’ Executive Director since 2014, will step down from his role and retire from the arts administration field at the end of October 2021. He has been a guiding light in our work, a generous mentor, and a dear friend.

Randy joined the Intersection staff in a finance role in 2008, and became Managing Director shortly thereafter. In that position he led the organization’s move from its long-time home in the Mission to the 5M Project. He then transitioned to leading the Artist Resources Program in 2012. Following the organization’s financial crisis in 2014, he became the Executive Director. In partnership with Yesenia Sanchez, he redesigned the organization to focus on fiscal sponsorship, artist resources, and professional development services. Today, Intersection is the largest provider of fiscal sponsorship for the arts in the region, with 160+ member projects, and trains hundreds of artists through professional development workshops and its signature arts business program, the Accelerator.

He closes out his career as an arts administrator after nearly 4 decades. During his time in New York City, he was the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Limbo Theatre; Co-Founder and Artistic Director of HOME for Contemporary Theatre and Art; and Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of HERE Arts Center in Soho, for which he and his colleagues received an Obie Award. Prior to coming to San Francisco, he was the Executive Artistic Director of Cleveland Public Theatre.

Some words from Randy: “It has been an honor to serve the Bay Area arts community. The work of our member projects is a constant inspiration. It reinforces my core belief that art can truly change lives. I’m leaving knowing that much has been accomplished, but also knowing that there is still so much that can be done. It’s time for a new generation of leaders to take this legacy organization into the future.”

The board and staff of Intersection for the Arts are deeply appreciative of Randy for all he has given of himself to the organization. His candid sense of humor, enormous heart, and avid dedication to artists has been a fundamental part of the organization that strives to embody as a team going forward.

In preparation for his departure, Randy has spent the last year and change planning his transition and exploring with staff various models of leadership that would best serve our community. As part of this transition process, Intersection will take this opportunity to evaluate the organizational structure, their programs, and their role in the Bay Area arts ecosystem, so that they may continue to serve the community equitably and compassionately.

Stay tuned for updates on the leadership transition in the coming weeks.

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