SAFEhouse Arts: Event/Horizon Lab Series

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Event/Horizon is an international collaboration curated locally by Joe Landini and founded by Ana Sanchez Colberg (Athens GR).
The event will include a thirteen-week lab that will culminate in a 13-hour performance installation on Nov 13 at Levy Dance in Hayes Valley. International collaborators will provide prompts for local artists to create the performative installation.

The labs will be inspired by Amanda White’s 13 Questions/Prompts with an Event/Horizon collaborator and a local San Francisco artist to exchange ideas, instructions and offer feedback.

Event/Horizons is a collaboration of artists in twenty-four global sites who have been working throughout thirteen months in multiple, parallel, cooperative and collaborative creation processes.

The first workshop is on Aug 21st, and it is both virtual and in person. There will be a workshop on Zoom at 9am PST with Amanda White. The second workshop will be live at SAFEHouse Arts at 12pm with Angela Arteritano. Attendance is free and no registration required! (Meeting ID: 852 0177 6512)

Artists that participate in the labs and help design and produce the installation will be eligible for a modest artist stipend (QTBIPOC artists are encouraged to participate).

DANCERS are encouraged to participate and attend labs to help create movement scores and site-specific choreography and there will be a somatic warm-up for dancers at each lab. There are also modest artist fees available for dancers who perform.

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Dates:  Sat, Aug 21-Sat, Nov 13
Time:  9am (Virtual), 12pm (In-person)
Location:  SAFEhouse Arts
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145 Eddy St. SF

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Cost:  FREE