Workshop with Modern Garage Movement

Contributed By:  SAFEhouse Arts

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SAFEhouse welcomes Modern Garage Movement (MGM) and Biba Bell for a workshop and performance on 8/8/21

Workshop led by MGM is at 1-2:30pm and is $25 NOTAFLOF and includes admission to the show at 5pm, as well as the opportunity to perform in a section of the piece.

MGM is a performance collective who has been making highly structured dances since 2005. Conceived in a one-car garage in San Francisco, MGM takes a single dance and performs it within and across dozens of spaces – mobilizing audience, site, context, and choreography. Dances are made for touring—llama barns, spas, farms, living rooms and attics, backyards, galleries, parks, alleys, stairways, bars, beaches, yoga studios, wineries, packing sheds, museums, theatres, a locker room, grocery store, goddess gift shop, farmer’s market, and of course, garages.

MGM is Biba Bell, Jmy James Kidd, and Paige Martin. MGM returns after 10 years with God Knows Where (2021) with musician-composers Gelsey Bell Tara Jane O’Neil.

Dates:  Sun, Aug 8
Time:  1-2:30pm
Location:  SAFEhouse Arts
Location Address:  

145 Eddy St.
San Francisco, CA 94102

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Cost:  $25 NOTAFLOF