Contact Improvisation-Inspired Weekly Score & Jam: Beyond Saudade

Contributed By:  Zach Pine

Contact Improvisation-inspired online dancing can create moments of great creativity, discovery, playfulness, learning, physicality, and connection. And it can teach us things we can use to deepen our practice of CI when we return to in-person dancing.

Each session follows this format: an interval for arriving, tech check and personal warmup; a welcoming “circle;” a description of that week’s crowd-sourced score (see below); then two different “rooms” (Zoom Breakout Rooms) for dancing: one for focused exploration of the score of the week (the Score Room), and the other for dancing without the score (the Jam Room). You can come and go between rooms as you wish. At the end of the dance, we transition to a discussion for those who want to stay.

Note: arriving, tech check, and warmup is from 9:45am-10:00am PDT (UTC -7).
This is a “closed container” with no arrivals after 10:00am.

Dates:  Every Saturday
Time:  9:45am-11:00am
Location:  Online
Contact Information:

Cost:  Free