Joe Goode Performance Group: Venue and Operations Manager

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Joe Goode Performance Group (JGPG) Seeking: Venue and Operations Manager
$22-25/hr non-exempt, full-time @ 35-40hrs/wk
Health care benefits (medical, dental, & vision), PTO, vacation and sick leave
Flexible schedule, with some weekends and evenings, in person & remote

The JGPG Venue and Operations Manager will be an aspiring operations and producing leader who will be mentored and trained by the current Joe Goode Annex production team to ensure the operation and maintenance of the Annex facility, programming and staff. In addition, the Venue and Operations Manager will learn and support the financial and administrative operations of the organization as a whole. JGPG’s vision for the position is that it will eventually become the Producing Director for the Annex, providing production oversight for Annex rental artists, events, co-productions, festivals and commissions as well as JGPG’s annual programming.
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Location:  Joe Goode Annex
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401 Alabama St, San Francisco

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