SAFEhouse Arts: RAW Fall Residencies

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Fall applications for RAW showcase are now open!

November RAW Showcase
Deadline: Sat, Jun 25
Orientation on Sat, Jul 9
Rehearsals in August, September, and October

What is RAW?
Over the course of approximately 4-12 weeks, SAFEhouse provides artists with the following:

  • 3-6 hours of rehearsal space per week
  • Choreography feedback session
  • Publicity and technical support
  • The opportunity to present for 1-2 nights at our 145 Eddy St venue

In exchange for these services, artists are encouraged to pay a voluntary $25 registration fee AND/OR  volunteer at SAFEhouse.  The registration fee is not meant to cause any hardship, if you are unable to pay the registration fee, please email to make other arrangements.
As for volunteering, this is meant to be an opportunity for artists to take ownership of the organization and to learn the production side of a performing arts organization by being responsible for day-to-day operations.

Artists can volunteer for any of the following tasks:

  • House managing for a show(s)
  • Cleaning the studio before or after their rehearsal time
  • Writing the program for a show
  • Working on a special project
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