Reggaeton Workshop (with chips and dip!)

Contributed By:  The Dance Floor

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Join us for our first-ever reggaeton workshop! While our normal weekly reggaeton classes focus on breaking down fundamental techniques and short phrases, THIS one-hour event will be all about playing with choreography (and looking like we’re in our very own music video). We will laugh, groove, play, and perform for each other, all in a fun and stress-free environment. And then, of course, we will celebrate with chips and dip (translation: our teacher’s very own homemade guacamole)!! This workshop is suitable for beginners and is being led by our reggaeton teacher, Sara Templeton.

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Dates:  Sunday May 15
Time:  11:30am - 12:30pm
Location:  The Dance Floor
Location Address:  

1501B Solano Ave Albany, CA 94707

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Cost:  $25
DG Member Discount:  $3 discount
Code:  dancersgroup