Joe Landini Dance: 90 Days of Art

Contributed By:  Joe Landini

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Joe Landini presents 90 DAYS OF CREATIVITY (June 20 to Sept 17), a personal exploration of your artistic practice for three months. This non-codified process will create space for participants to explore their creative process for 90 days, at whatever level or in any way they choose.

Spend 90 days reflecting on your artistic practice and sharing your reflections with others participating in the process. This process can reveal itself in any form, such as workshops/classes, zoom calls, journals, discussions and does not need to have any concrete results, such as a performance (unless that is something you desire). The process should definitely be social and all members are leaders.

This project is FREE. Take this survey to help us understand how you’re interested in participating.

Dates:  Mon Jun 20-Sat, Sep 17
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Cost:  Free