New International Performing Arts Institute: 6-day International Workshop

Contributed By:  New International Performing Arts Institute

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Dramaturgy of Physical Action 6-day International Workshop

In-person, Eden Studios, Berlin – Germany

This international program is suitable for both, – choreographers who work mainly with movement, as well as for directors who work mainly with actors in physical or text-based performances.

The main focus of the program is to answer the crucial nowadays question “How to enrich dance performances with psychological tension?” and “How the physicality in acting enriches your performances?”. Probably, these are the two most demanding and most interesting questions that modern directors and choreographers are facing.  The program is designed as a full-day workshop lab, where students will practically / physically explore different techniques that will help them to discover answers to these questions.

Performers from different backgrounds interested in expanding their practical skills, develop international network opportunities and collaborators are also welcome to apply!

Early Bird Fee: 590 EUR until Fri, Jun 10
After:  690 EUR

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Dates:  Mon-Sat, Aug 8-13
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