Slay Your Dance Dragons 3-Day Workshop w/Alicia Langlais

Contributed By:  Shawl-Anderson Dance Center

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Aside from a passion for movement, most dancers have something else in common; we all have experienced insecurities and mental blocks that stop us from dancing at our best. Though many of us are able to push past doubts as sporadic mental annoyances, many others suffer in silence until our insecurities evolve into limiting beliefs called “Dance Dragons”. Dance Dragons are self-sabotaging mental habits that aim to protect us from artist wounds of feeling embarrassment, shame, guilt, and unworthiness inhibiting full embodiment when we dance, or convince us to not dance at all. Dance is your human birthright; it is what allows you to be most authentic, joyful, fulfilled, and free. That is why slaying your Dance Dragons is a non-negotiable and this workshop will show you how to do it. Slay your Dance Dragons provides all with evidence-based tools to obtain authentic confidence from deepened knowledge of self, performance excellence strategies, and of meaning and purpose as a dancer.

Dates:  July 15-17
Time:  Fri: 6-8p, Sat/Sun: 3-5p
Location:  Shawl-Anderson Dance Center
Location Address:  

2704 Alcatraz Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705

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Cost:  $175
DG Member Discount:  10% off
Code:  DG10POFF