Jess Bozzo: Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary Workshop

Contributed By:  Shawl-Anderson Dance Center

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During this contemporary class series we are going to focus on embodying choreography both emotionally and physically. The choreography will be rooted in deep, muscular pathways that feel quick and bound in the body, and the movement will be heavily inspired by the music we’ll be dancing too. This class series is a space for us to dance and commit to whatever feels good to our bodies in the moment, and also a supportive space to challenge ourselves in exploring new landscapes within our movement.

In-person limit is 18 students.
NOTE: Workshops are nonrefundable

Dates:  Tuesdays, Aug 9-30
Time:  6-7:30pm
Location:  Shawl-Anderson Dance Center
Location Address:  

2704 Alcatraz Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705

Contact Information:

Cost:  $20 per class, or $64-$80 for full workshop