SAFEhouse Arts: Creativity Workshop

Contributed By:  Joe Landini

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Director and creative facilitator Joe Landini is offering a series of FREE creative workshops for your inner-creative and also a great opportunity to meet new collaborators.

The goal of the in-person workshop is to help you unlock your creativity and find a way forward that is joyous, non-judgmental, and generative. The workshop will include a gentle somatic warm-up (no dance training necessary), a guided meditation/visualization, and then lots of play to discover where your creative center is these days. Proof of COVID vaccination and booster required.

Participants will be encouraged to collaborate on a final presentation on Sept 17.
Donations encouraged/accepted.

Dates:  Aug 5, 22, 29; Sep 12, 17
Time:  7pm
Location:  SAFEhouse Arts
Location Address:  

145 Eddy St. SF