Samba Workshops with Matheus Oliverio

Contributed By:  BrasArte

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Special Samba Workshops with Matheus Oliverio straight from Rio!
First Mestre Sala of Mangueira samba school, community leader and culture bearer.

Sat, Jul 23 ~ Malandro Samba Workshop – exploring ginga & technique related to malandro styling/masculine energied sambas.

Sun, Jul 24 ~ Porta Bandeira & Mestre Sala Workshop – A very rare introduction to the technique and history of one of the most important dance roles one can hold in a samba school from one of the most talented of his generation.

One workshop $30
Both Workshops $50

Dates:  Sat-Sun, Jul 23-24
Time:  3-4:30pm
Location:  BrasArte
Location Address:  

1901 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley, CA

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Cost:  $30-$50