Dance with Danielle: Stretch & Strength Workshop

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Raise your hand if any of these apply to you:
1. You can stretch into splits, but you can’t find the same position when you leap in the air
2. Executing multiple turns consistently has been a struggle for you
3. You can kick your leg high, but when holding an extension, you can’t get it over 90 degrees

Many dancers struggle with these same issues because there is an imbalance between their flexibility and strength! I am offering a 2-hour workshop that will cover a variety of strength training exercises you can incorporate into your weekly routine. These exercises are designed to target key muscle groups that are crucial to nailing your jumps, being consistent with turns, and having more control of your extensions. Not to mention, strength training is very important for injury prevention.

This in-person workshop is open to dancers of all abilities, ages 8-adult. Equipment will be provided for you, but be sure to bring some water!

Dates:  Sat, Jul 30
Time:  11am-1pm
Location:  The Quinan Street Project
Location Address:  

656 Quinan Street
Pinole, CA 94564

Contact Information:; or DM @dv.dances on instagram

Cost:  $40 before 7/30; $50 at the door