Erik Wagner: Contemporary Aesthetic Movement Practice (CAMP)

Contributed By:  Erik Wagner (Beholder)

Class begins with a restorative movement warm up, and offers individuals of all abilities a space to explore what drives them, assisting people to develop self-awareness and sensitivity to others. Using memory and imagination, we’ll unearth dance that is body movement, and communication, with an aim to strengthen the student’s sense of self expression, giving authority to them as creators of meaning, problem solvers, and movement creators.

*Please bring a journal (paper/pen) for writing.


Erik Wagner. Photo courtesy of artist. [ID: Bald white male dancer wearing all black jeans, t-shirt & tennis shoes while dancing on the beach. His back is to the camera with arms open towards the water.]
Dates:  Wednesdays, starting Sep 7 (on going)
Time:  6:15pm
Location:  LINES Dance Center
Location Address:  

26 7th Street
5th floor
San Francisco CA 94103

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Cost:  $16 (discount/professional rate available)