Mandolion: Seeking Performers/Collaborators

Contributed By:  Dandelion Dancetheater's Mandolion Ensemble

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Mandolion is an ensemble made up of self-identified men* from diverse backgrounds, formed to investigate the nature of masculinity in this transformative time. We will work on Rite of Spring throughout the 2022-2023 year, premiering the first iteration of the piece in Summer 2023, on beaches in Santa Cruz, Sonoma County and in the Bay Area.

*NOTE: We’re holding the label of “male” in an expansive way to include men who are trans, non-binary, cis-gendered, and/or who identify beyond these labels.

ARTIST FEES: $10/hour for rehearsals and performances

Dates:  Rehearsals begin Wed, Aug 31
Time:  7:30pm-9:30pm PST
Location:  Dandelion Backyard Studio
Location Address:  

Oakland, CA

Contact Information: